How to manage a remote workforce

How to manage a remote workforce

Most organizations have had to adapt to a partial or complete remote workforce in response to the pandemic. For many, this was the first time that employees were managed remotely, posing a new set of challenges of maintaining connection and engagement.


To get the best out of your remote workforce, consider these quick tips:


Set expectations
Most of us thrive on guidelines. It helps us understand what is expected and ensures that we remain on track. For remote employees, discuss what the business, and their team, requires of them and be sure to keep the conversation going. With all of the ebbs and flows the past 12 months have thrown at us, it’s important to check-in with employees to ensure that expectations remain reasonable.


Be flexible

We all have a lot more on our plate now than perhaps ever before. Employees working from home are juggling a lot. Be empathetic and listen to their unique needs. Some employees may need to work flex hours to accommodate for at-home learning for their kids, caregiving for a loved one, or a variety of other challenges. Whenever possible, offer employees the flexibility to get their work done at times that work best for them. 


Rethink meetings
What worked in-office may be work as well at home. It is often difficult for employees to lengthy virtual meetings and often they are less productive. Instead, consider having shorter huddle-style regroup sessions that get to the point so they can get back to work.


Don’t lose the water cooler talk

We’re all feeling more disconnected these days. Remember to take time to ask your teams how they’re doing and what’s going on in their world. It’s important to keep humanity in the digital workplace. 

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