Securing good tidings this holiday season

Securing good tidings this holiday season

The West Egg Group Security Services are pleased to be a part of the festivities at the Distillery District’s Winter Village, providing security services at the event.  

Our role at the event

A month-long festival of shopping, dining, and entertainment, this Christmas-themed event is a great way to get into the spirit of the holidays.

While event-goers enjoy the sights, sounds, sweets, and snacks that the Winter Village has to offer, our team is hard at work. Our role is to ensure that the site is patrolled and that patron safety is maintained. Also within our scope of responsibilities is providing security services and support to area businesses and their employees.  

We worked in concert with the Winter Village event organizers to create a comprehensive security plan that allows for the strategic execution of our professional security services without interfering with the fun of the festivities. 

While we are a workforce management solutions company, we are also leaders in the guest experience. This unique two-fold approach sets the West Egg Group Security Services apart. 

Why security services matter 

Our clients put their trust in us, as do their guests — something that we take very seriously. 


Having a security vendor with the right training, tools, and experience is a must for events where large crowds and high-traffic timeframes are anticipated. Our teams help orchestrate the orderly enjoyment of events with uniformed personnel strategically stationed throughout the site. 


Our team members are readily available and able to respond to a wide variety of urgent and emergency situations. Each individual on our team has undergone extensive in-class and on-site training to ensure that they can address any and all security-related needs while on the job. This skill set is invaluable to event organizers and businesses. 


By outsourcing security at the Winter Village, the event is free to focus on delighting guests with the sights and sounds of the season.


The Winter Village is just one of our many contracts across the Greater Toronto Area. Look for our uniformed personnel at the Winter Village now until the event’s conclusion on December 31.

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