3 fun virtual team-building activities for your workforce

Most of us are still working remotely, physically disconnected from our direct reports and peers. For many employees, the only contact they have with their colleagues is via Zoom or similar digital platform, and it’s almost certainly always shop-talk.

So how does an organization ensure that an effort is still made to encourage camaraderie and shared downtime among its employees?

Benefits of team-building activities:

  • Employees and managers get a chance to know each other as individuals outside of their roles at work
  • Stress relief
  • A more engaged workforce
  • Greater collaboration 
  • Improved productivity

Here are 5 activities to bring your teams together socially to encourage engagement and better teamwork:

  1. Escape room
    This group activity was popular pre-pandemic and has seen a resurgence recently. You can now engage a vendor to facilitate a virtual escape room experience for your team.

    What to expect: They’ll have someone on-site walking through the escape room, taking directions from your team as they seek to uncover clues and escape the room before time runs out.


  2. Virtual wine or beer tasting  
    If your corporate culture allows for the occasional drink during office hours, this may be for you. Since drinking is inherently a social activity, this type of activity offers teams a chance to socialize and get to know each other better — all while learning more about the finer points of wine and/or beer tasting. 

What to expect: Participants will either be mailed a selection of wines or beer samples ahead of time. During the event, a professional sommelier or beer taster will guide the participants through the tasting experience. 

3. Trivia
This is a great way to get some friendly competition going. Consider hiring a professional trivia host to set up a virtual trivia game. Divide your group into teams small enough to encourage everyone’s participation, and be sure to request that the trivia questions reflect your group’s general knowledge base (while still challenging them). Why not throw in a prize for the team that comes out on top?!

What to expect: A zoom-type experience whereby everyone logs into a meeting hosted by the trivia expert. They’ll likely have a digital form through which teams will enter their responses and will guide your team through the experience. Trivia hosts are often lively, fun, and entertaining, so this is a great option for all kinds of groups.

These are just a few of the ways you can set aside some time for team-building during the pandemic. 

For more tips on how to keep workforces engaged, talk to the workforce management experts at The West Egg Group

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