3 important attributes for workforce management professionals

There are a lot of important attributes that make for a successful workforce management consultant. Here we’re highlighting the three that we believe will be break-through characteristics for the year ahead.


Attribute #1: Resilience

We’d be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge that 2020 was a hard year and that it took resilience on all fronts to get through what was a highly unusual year for most individuals both professionally and personally.


Successful workforce management leaders will carry this attribute forward and use the lessons learned to find innovative and productive ways to manage complex workforce challenges.


Attribute #2: An advocate for employees

Managing people requires careful consideration for their experience. Employee engagement is critical to an organization’s success, and workforce managers are at the forefront of ensuring a positive company culture. Success in this realm requires great listening, mediation, and advocacy skills — something that top workforce solutions experts excel at. 


Attribute #3: Driving change management
New projects and initiatives invariably bring about change within an organization. Setting and managing expectations is the job of the workforce solutions manager. With a year of massive change behind us and a year of continued adaptation ahead, this skill set is no doubt going to be paramount.


At The West Egg Group, we are experts in on-demand, ongoing, and custom workforce solutions. Talk to us about how to bring resiliency, employee advocacy, and change management into your workforce solution.

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