3 tips for getting buy-in to hire a workforce management expert

Companies today understand the importance of having an efficient and productive team. They trust workforce management experts to help them plan and execute a human resources strategy that helps them achieve their business goals. 

So if you’re considering outsourcing your human resources management, how do you gain buy-in from your senior leadership team? Here are a few tips on how to sell your idea internally:

Tip #1: Identify why you need a workforce management solution
Everyone within your organization may recognize that the business has workforce and operational challenges, but putting it on paper can help to illuminate the issue. 

If you can, quantify the issue with reporting around worker overtime, reductions in service levels to customers, employee overtime or gaps in coverage. All of these types of workforce issues have an impact on revenue.

Engaging a workforce management solution provider such as The West Egg Group can help you address these challenges with strategic operations and human resources solutions.

Tip #2: Educate the decision makers
Bring your findings and business plan to those responsible for making the decision to outsource your workforce management solutions. Help them to understand, and see, the true impact on the business with your current operations. 

As mentioned above, by compiling hard costs and highlighting impacts to employees and the business, you will obtain buy-in to pursue assistance from a workforce expert.

Tip #3: Bring forward the solution
No one wants to hear about a problem without also hearing of the solution. Be prepared to share information on service providers that are experts in solving workforce challenges in your industry. 

If possible, have pricing, a timeline for implementing the proposed change, and the expected outcomes on-hand. These will help to make it an easy decision to move towards outsourcing your workforce management. 

If your organization is struggling with new or legacy workforce challenges, speak to the experts at The West Egg Group about the services and solutions available.

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