5 leadership qualities to inspire your team

Leading a team is a big responsibility — one that requires workforce management skills that inspire and engage. 


Here are 5 of the top leadership qualities that motivate employees to do their best work:


#1 – Acting with vision and purpose
People leaders who embody an inspired vision for the team, organization, and its customers are more likely to also inspire their team members and motivate them to align with their vision. 


#2 – Outlining clear goals
In order to do their best work, employees need to understand what they are working towards and why it matters. Great leaders effectively communicate the objectives of each work activity and marry them to the greater goals of the organization. And, they tie it back to why it matters to employees (i.e. bonuses, salary increases, more time off, celebratory events, etc.). 

#3 – Lead by example
This is perhaps the most powerful of all leadership skills. Employees are more likely to perform at a higher level if they see their leader putting in the work, problem solving alongside them, and staying engaged in the work.


#4 – Encourage teamwork
Some individuals work better solo, while others thrive in groups. Leaders who understand the unique skill sets and working styles of their teams will know when (and who) to pair up and will encourage teamwork when it works for the team. 


#5 – A great attitude
Never underestimate the power of positivity and optimism, especially when times are tough. A positive outlook helps to build resilience among the team and keep them engaged, productive, and happy to be part of the team.  

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