5 signs your corporate culture is in trouble

Having a great corporate culture generally means that your employees will have a better employee experience, be more content in their jobs, and more productive. 


Ensure that you’re maintaining a positive corporate culture but watching out for these warning signs of a corporate culture crisis.


#1 – You’re not investing in your people
An investment in your employees is an investment in the health of your company culture and has a direct impact on business results. Ensure that employees see and understand how and where you are investing in them in order to keep them engaged at work.


#2 – There’s a lack of accountability
As a company, ensure that you are holding people accountable for their behaviour. If there appear to be no consequences for poor behaviour, or they are unfairly enforced, employees will become disengaged and culture will suffer.


#3 – No evidence of diversity or inclusion
Employees are in-tune with diversity and inclusion issues such as racial and gender based discrimination. Ensure that your company is offering equal opportunities to all employees by forming a D&I committee who seeks to further the organization’s efforts within this realm. It behooves all organizations to acknowledge and correct any unhealthy norms that exist within their company culture.

#4 – Leading with a bad example
Employees take their tone from what they see around them, particularly from upper management. While executives are required to produce results, how they achieve them matters equally as much. Ensure that your people leaders are setting the right example for staff by embodying positive corporate values in their behaviors and communications.

#5 – Tense work environments
When employees are consistently working in high-pressure environments, there is a high risk of burnout. Companies should be vigilant of the workloads and measures of success they place upon their employees to ensure that they’re reasonable, achievable, and allow employees to do their best work within a positive work environment. 


If your organization needs support in correcting its corporate culture, contact The West Egg Group, leaders in workforce management solutions. 


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