7 reasons to hire a security service

There are many reasons why a business, private residence, or individual may choose to hire a professional security guard. But before we dive into the top 7 reasons to hire a security guard, let’s first review their role. 

What are security services important?
The role of a security guard is to help keep people safe in public and private spaces. Generally, criminals are less likely to target a business or area in which engaged, active security personnel are on duty. So in addition to managing and de-escalating potentially dangerous situations, security guards also provide a sense of assurance that crime that would have otherwise been committed will be deterred. 

The role of a security guard

A good security team must be:


  • Visible (deters crime)
  • Vigilant (keeps an eye-out for unusual activity)
  • Responsive (acting quickly when situations arise)
  • An authority (a presence that people will respect and respond to)
  • Actively engaged in the environment (understanding where, when, and why possible threats may arise)
  • Equipped (with the knowhow and tools necessary to perform the job effectively) 

Integrated (into the operations of the business or residence)

Here are the top 7 reasons to hire a security service:


  1. Prevent crime
    The presence of even one security guard can reduce crime rates significantly.

  2. Improve customer service
    Protecting people is essentially a customer service role. Security guards often become acquainted with patrons, adding a personal touch to their protective services.

  3. Promote order
    Security services control violations and maintain order.

3. Handle security matters swiftly
Professional security guards are trained to manage a range of issues and contain threats until the police arrive.

4. Onsite CPR and AED trained guards
Most security guards are trained in first aid, CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), and the emergency use of an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator), which could save lives.

5. Free up your people from security-related activities
Leaves employees or others on site free to perform other functions more in-line with their skillset.

6. Peace of mind Having a team of professional security guards on staff reduces stress and leaves the management of unpleasant situations to the professionals. 

At The West Egg Group Security Services, we do security differently. We take a customer service based approach in partnership with our clients. Find out more about our areas of expertise and the positive impact our elite team can have on your business operations.

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