Here’s how we’re investing in employee happiness

here's how we're investing in employee happiness

Happiness at work matters. How you feel while you’re on the job not only affects your work, it can also take a toll on your personal life.

And so, we’re taking steps to ensure that all West Egg Group employees feel heard and are working within a supportive and compassionate environment.

That’s why we’re recruiting for an Employee Happiness Manager — someone dedicated to supporting employee well-being at work. 

Why hire an Employee Happiness Manager? 

We want to ensure that all members of our team enjoy coming to work and feel fulfilled by their contributions — and we understand that at times, personal and professional obstacles can cause discontentment and disengagement, interfering with productivity and personal satisfaction. 

To help each of our team members be their best and achieve their goals, we’re implementing a new role focused solely on employee well-being.

What will the Employee Happiness Manager do?

This individual will be an ambassador to all employees, dedicated to ensuring happiness at work. Their responsibilities include:

  • Connecting with staff frequently on a 1:1 basis by phone call, text, or email
  • Supporting positive outcomes by providing staff in-need with solutions whenever possible
  • Conducting new hire training sessions showcasing TWEG core values and support system
  • Guiding employees on how to use their health benefits 
  • Recognizing and spotlighting employee achievements 

We’re on the look-out

This role requires the perfect fit — someone who is not only a people-person, but a self-starter and all-around positive force.

Specific experience isn’t a prerequisite, however we are looking for someone with diverse experience in fields such as:

  • Customer service
  • Hospitality
  • Human Resources
  • Teaching
  • Motivational speaking/self-help 

We’re currently searching for candidates with the unique skill set and aptitude to excel at supporting our teams. Stay tuned for a formal introduction and more details on this exciting new initiative.

If someone amazing comes to mind when you read these requirements, we’d love to meet them! You can share the entire job description on Indeed here and invite them to apply.

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Should you make a New Year’s resolution?

should you make a new year's resolution?

The start of a new year can feel refreshing and invigorating, and can be a great reason to make a plan to be your best self moving forward — not only in your personal life, but also in your career.

Ahead of you are 12 months of new beginnings and opportunities. But how do you get motivated to make New Year’s resolutions, how do you measure your progress, and should you even make them in the first place? Let’s talk it through.

What is a New Year’s resolution?

Most common in North America, a New Year’s resolution is a tradition in which a person commits to continue good practices, change an undesired trait or behaviour, accomplish a personal goal, or improve their life in some way starting at the start of a new year.

People make resolutions for all kinds of reasons. Usually, it’s a way to ignite action — to take steps towards feeling better, more productive, and more content.

Should you make a New Year’s resolution? 

It’s ultimately up to you. Some people write down a list of things they want to accomplish at the beginning of the year, while others don’t feel motivated to do so. The bonus about using the start of a new year to make positive changes is that it gives you a bit of a push, or reason, to make those adjustments. This can be helpful for getting to things that you’ve been putting off or afraid to do.

Here are some tips on whether or not you’re ready to commit to a resolution:

> Are you willing?
Now, you have to be honest here. If you don’t actually want to change your behaviour, it will be very difficult to make progress towards your resolution. Being willing is the first step toward success.

> Pick a resolution (or a few) that matters to you

Be sure to select resolutions that align with your values. Whether it is something in your personal life or a career aspiration, make it something that matters to you — you aren’t doing this for anyone else.


> Pick no more than 3 resolutions

Set yourself up for success by committing to just a few changes, big or small. Overwhelming yourself will cause you to abandon your resolutions, so be sure that the number you pick, and their difficulty to achieve, are manageable. 


> Be specific and make it measurable
To know if you’re on track and if you’ve achieved your goal(s), they need to be measurable. You’ll also need to decide how you’ll keep track of your progress. Keeping a journal and making a schedule are great ways to do this. Be sure to set up check-points throughout the year to ensure you’re on track. Waiting until the end of the year to evaluate won’t allow you to course-correct along the way. 


> Give yourself room to fail (and grow!)

As you work towards your goals, you may encounter setbacks. Embrace these as learning opportunities and take what you learn forward. Reevaluate, reset, and have another go at your resolutions!


New Year’s resolutions at work


We at The West Egg Group continually evaluate our progress as an organization and look for new ways to do more and be better — for our employees and guests. And you can do the same in your role. 


Think about what you love about your job and where your strengths are. What do you want to continue doing? Stop doing? Start doing? Then, make a plan and take action. And don’t be afraid to reach out for help or support along the way. Rarely do we achieve greatness alone — and we love to support others in their pursuit of success!


Happy New Year!

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Securing good tidings this holiday season

Securing good tidings this holiday season

The West Egg Group Security Services are pleased to be a part of the festivities at the Distillery District’s Winter Village, providing security services at the event.  

Our role at the event

A month-long festival of shopping, dining, and entertainment, this Christmas-themed event is a great way to get into the spirit of the holidays.

While event-goers enjoy the sights, sounds, sweets, and snacks that the Winter Village has to offer, our team is hard at work. Our role is to ensure that the site is patrolled and that patron safety is maintained. Also within our scope of responsibilities is providing security services and support to area businesses and their employees.  

We worked in concert with the Winter Village event organizers to create a comprehensive security plan that allows for the strategic execution of our professional security services without interfering with the fun of the festivities. 

While we are a workforce management solutions company, we are also leaders in the guest experience. This unique two-fold approach sets the West Egg Group Security Services apart. 

Why security services matter 

Our clients put their trust in us, as do their guests — something that we take very seriously. 


Having a security vendor with the right training, tools, and experience is a must for events where large crowds and high-traffic timeframes are anticipated. Our teams help orchestrate the orderly enjoyment of events with uniformed personnel strategically stationed throughout the site. 


Our team members are readily available and able to respond to a wide variety of urgent and emergency situations. Each individual on our team has undergone extensive in-class and on-site training to ensure that they can address any and all security-related needs while on the job. This skill set is invaluable to event organizers and businesses. 


By outsourcing security at the Winter Village, the event is free to focus on delighting guests with the sights and sounds of the season.


The Winter Village is just one of our many contracts across the Greater Toronto Area. Look for our uniformed personnel at the Winter Village now until the event’s conclusion on December 31.

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See the West Egg Group at the 2021 Winter Village

see the west egg group at the 2021 winter village

‘Tis the season to enjoy the wintery weather, bright festive lights, and warmth of time spent with friends and family. 

While the Toronto Christmas market is taking another hiatus this year, Toronto’s Distillery District will be hosting a Winter Village — a festival of shopping, dining, and Christmas-inspired entertainment. 

Event-goers will enjoy a picture-perfect holiday experience set within the historic Distillery District. It’s an opportunity to patronize a curated selection of Toronto’s finest craftspeople, local shops, restaurants, and cafes, and to get into the holiday spirit.

We at The West Egg Group jump at any chance to celebrate and are especially excited for this holiday season after another long year of pandemic restrictions. 

We are pleased to announce that three of our companies will be providing services at this landmark seasonal event:

R.E.D Staffing will provide screeners, gate attendants, information specialists, and even elves to support Santa! R.E.D. staff will be responsible for ensuring that all customers have their tickets and show proof of their COVID-19 vaccine passport. 

Team members will also provide wayfinding support, giving directions to customers to help them locate all of their favorite attractions and stores. They will also be on-hand to provide general information and assistance — anything to make the guests’ experience more magical.

Look for the R.E.D. elves at Santa’s side throughout the festival!

West Egg Group Security Services will be on patrol 24/7 to ensure the safety of all guests and staff at the event. This very important role allows festival-goers to enjoy all that the Distillery District Winter Village has to offer, worry-free. It also gives the venue peace of mind that their property and persons on-site are safe and secure. 

Last but not least, the Carraway team will manage the event parking logistics and optimization, ensuring that the underground garage and above-ground lots are flowing smoothly.

We love to see our diverse teams come together and leverage their unique skill sets to execute flawless event support that delights not only the venues (our clients), but also the guests and on-site employees. 

This year’s Distillery District Winter Village festival is the first of three events that our brands will be collaborating on, but it most certainly will not be the last.

We look forward to seeing you at the Winter Village, running now through December 31. 

Happy holidays!

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Hiring tips to reduce turnover

hiring tips to reduce turnover

Finding, attracting, interviewing, and onboarding new hires is time consuming and costly. Finding the right fit between employee and employer is important to ensuring that an organization’s turnover is reduced significantly. 

At The West Egg Group of companies, we specialize in workforce management and take great care in our onboarding process. Here are a few tips we’ve learned along the way to help your organization hire, retain, and nurture top talent. 

How to build a team that fits your business and sticks around: 

  1. Hire the right skill set
    Ensure that you thoroughly check and scrutinize credentials to ensure that the employee has the skill set that their resume says they do. In some instances, it’s appropriate to request candidates to complete an assessment or sample assignment to demonstrate their abilities.


  2. Look for a culture fit
    You want your new hires to fit in with your existing team members. This doesn’t mean that everyone has to be carbon copies of one another, but you should be on the lookout for like-mindedness when it comes to the values and behaviours that your company embodies and expects your employees to exude.

  3. Offer competitive pay
    A sure way to attract top talent, and to keep them, is to compensate them fairly for the work they do. Be sure to keep up with industry trends with respect to annual salaries or hourly wages and to offer financial incentives and raises when appropriate.

4. Communicate company perks/benefits
If you offer medical benefits, vacation pay, or other perks outside of compensation, communicate them upfront during the recruitment process. Be sure to quantify the benefits whenever possible to highlight their value.

5. Keep the positive feedback flowing
Employees want to know that their contributions matter. Be sure to share positive feedback (and constructive, when necessary) to help them feel known, appreciated, and to encourage their professional growth.

6. Map out their career path
Great employees are on the hunt for opportunities that lead to bigger things. No matter what role you’re hiring for, be sure to start the conversation around career growth with applicants so they know that you’re invested in their success and professional development.

7. Be flexible
Especially now, job seekers are looking for flexibility at work. For some, this means working flex hours to accommodate for family obligations or perhaps accommodations to attend personal appointments at times. Do your best to balance personal requests with business priorities and keep the lines of communication open with your new hires to avoid hiccups like scheduling issues. 

With these simple tips in-mind, you’ll be able to find the right fits for your organization and hire more confidently. 

For organizations that require workforce management support, we’re here for you. Contact us to discuss your unique hiring and workforce needs.

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How to be a top team member

How to be a top team member

We all want to be known for doing great work, but sometimes it’s hard to determine how best to stand-out among your peers or to make a professional impact. 


Here are 5 quick tips to help you become the MVP of your team, no matter what your role:


Tip #1: Be reliable

Having great follow-through is a desirable skill set, and something that you demonstrate over time.

Whenever you are given a task, to-do, or commit to deliver something, ensure that you do it. When your colleagues and manager feel that they can rely on you, you’re seen as a valuable contributor to the team. 


Communication is also key. There will always be times when schedules go sideways or you encounter roadblocks. Be sure to communicate when, where, and how you will deliver against your objectives and keep those impacted in the know of any changes to the plan or deliverable date. 


Tip #2: Be flexible
What’s being asked of you may change from time to time as the needs of the business evolve. Try not to stay tied to current practices and processes. Be open to trying new ways of working and feel empowered to share your feedback on what works and what could be adjusted. 


New tasks are a great way to expand your skill set and demonstrate that you have more to give. And, accepting and excelling at new tasks puts you in a great position to discuss a promotion or to pursue other professional development opportunities. 


Tip #3: Share information and resources
When you come across great intel or have tips of the trade, share them with your team and manager. It positions you as a thought leader and shows that you’re engaged in your work. 


It’s also a great way to be seen as a mentor — someone that others can go to with questions or for guidance. This is another great skill that sets you up for upward mobility within your organization.

Tip #4: Stay positive
We all have off days at work, but try to remain upbeat and positive overall. People respond more favourably to positive rhetoric, so take note of the words you choose and the tone you use with your peers, management, and any customers or clients that you interact with. 


When receiving feedback, be sure to look for — and ask for — the positive in addition to any constructive feedback. It will help you to identify areas that you can improve upon and also prompts the individual giving the feedback to be more positive as well. 


Tip #5: Self-promote
Don’t let your hard work fly under the radar! Be proud of what you’ve accomplished. Talk about what you’ve been working on and the positive results/impacts in 1:1 meetings with your manager.


Whenever possible, share metrics around how your contributions impact the business. This will help you progress more quickly within your role, company, and industry.  



At The West Egg Group of companies, we encourage team members to strive to be their best selves and to support one another in their pursuit of professional development and the learning of new skills. 


To learn more about the types of roles we recruit for and the sectors we serve, visit our careers page.

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What are commercial security services?


Security services aren’t just for homes and residential properties. A range of security services are frequently used in and around commercial spaces to protect businesses, employees, and customers. 

Wondering about the differences and just what commercial security services include? Here’s an overview:

The basics of commercial security services 

Commercial security services are more complex and typically offer greater, and more comprehensive protection compared to residential security services. There are a few reasons for this. Commercial security services often:

  • Cover a larger space (indoor and/or outdoor)
  • Have evolving needs and require a greater range of specialty services
  • Are responsible for a greater number of people (both on-site employees and transient visitors)

Whether a business is large or small, there is often a need for services such as:

  • Video surveillance 
  • On-site uniformed security personnel 
  • Security patrol
  • Emergency response

Benefits of commercial security services

Many businesses need help with loss prevention, crowd management, and site safety. Other reasons and benefits for engaging a professional security services provider include:

  1. Responding to emergency situations
    Whether tips off by security surveillance, tripped alarms, or calls from on-site employees and customers, having an individual on site who is professionally trained to respond to a variety of situations is critical for a swift, successful, and safe resolution.

  2. Protection against intruders
    The presence of uniformed security personnel is shown to deter intruders and aid in loss prevention.

  3. Unique security needs
    Many businesses have security services that are unique to their site(s), products, and people. Engaging a trustworthy and tenured security team is critical for ensuring safe and smooth business operations and offer greater peace of mind. 

More reasons to hire professional commercial security services. 

The West Egg Group approach

At The West Egg Group Security Services, we take a comprehensive approach to commercial security services, offering customized solutions tailored to the individual site(s) as well as the needs and business objectives of our clients — all while considering the guest experience.

Our services include:

  • Commercial, corporate, and mobile security services
  • Uniformed security personnel
  • Concierge services
  • Security patrol
  • Gatehouse operations
  • Mobile patrol units
  • Parking enforcement
  • Emergency response 
  • Personal escorts
  • Bespoke ad hoc services

 As part of The West Egg Group of companies, our security personnel are highly trained in their field, ensuring that our clients, their customers and guests receive the highest level of service excellence in the industry.

Talk to us about what The West Egg Group Security Services can do for your commercial business.

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How will automation impact workforces of the future?

How will automation impact workforces of the future?

Technology has in so many ways made our lives easier. From household appliances, to smartphones, to advancements in medical technology, innovation saves time and saves lives. 


But what about jobs? 


While we’ve already seen automation in some areas of our everyday lives such as assembly lines, ATM machines, and self-check-out counters, most jobs still require a person to do the thinking and execute the work. 


More recently, self-driving cars have hit the roads and bots are now creating digital content in ways never seen before. It’s reasonable that people have concerns over the possible impacts to workforces, incomes, and employability. 


What is labour automation?

Labor automation is the practice of substituting technology for human labour to perform specific tasks or jobs. Automation involves mechanization but also expands it by using technology to further remove people from tasks.


Artificial intelligence disruption

AI has begun to operate in areas many of us hadn’t anticipated would be impacted. In the coming years, some jobs may be supplemented with bots and potentially replaced, such as:

  • Telemarketing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Compensation and benefits managers
  • Receptionists
  • Couriers
  • Proofreaders
  • Computer support specialists
  • Market research analysts
  • Advertising sales
  • Retail sales

The Government of Canada shared the results of their research study into Automation and Job Transformation. It outlines the types of roles that are potentially at risk and the individuals who may be impacted in the future.

The West Egg Group Differentiator

While there are many things that a bot can do faster, technology cannot deliver the human element that is intrinsic in so many jobs, especially those done by the teams at The West Egg Group of companies. It’s this x-factor that has made us, and our clients, successful. 


As specialists in both workforce management and a superior guest and visitor experience, our teams are trained to deliver a unique experience that goes above and beyond the tactical functions of the job. 


Our clients come to us again and again because we understand their business, react to their evolving needs, and find ways to incorporate innovative new technologies into our services in a way that doesn’t sacrifice the personalization of the experience.   


To understand the value of The West Egg Group’s workforce solutions and their positive impacts to your business, contact us.

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The secrets to keeping great employees

The secrets to keeping great employees

After nearly two decades in the workforce management industry, we at The West Egg Group of companies understand the importance of attracting and retaining great people.


Your employees are more than just staff members — they’re the heartbeat of your business and a driver of your success. And so, after taking the time to find, attract, onboard and train new team members, you want to be sure that they’re content in their roles and within the organization to prevent attrition.


Here are 5 tips for keeping great employees:


Tip #1

Uncover why people choose to leave your company. Then, fix it.

Employees leave their jobs for a reason. To uncover any issues (particularly those that may be recurring), consider offering exit interviews so that you may ask outgoing employees about their experience and what they would have liked to see done differently.


Also consider this. Before you get to the point when an employee has given their notice, you should be conducting regular employee engagement surveys to collect the feelings, experiences, and attitudes of your people. There are several ways in which to do this, ranging from simple anonymous online surveys to more robust employee engagement platforms that automatically measure your employee voice and engagement levels.

However you choose to collect your intel, ensure that you act on it — fast. Employees want to feel heard and see that it was worth the time they took to share their feedback. 


Tip #2
Communicate the importance of each individual’s role 


Employees generally perform better and are more content at work when they understand how their day-to-day impacts the business and contribute to the organization’s overall objectives.

This awareness provides individuals with a sense of purpose that drives better performance, and subsequently, better business outcomes.


Tip #3
Encourage ongoing (and positive) manager feedback


It’s important for employees to know how they’re doing as well as be recognized for great work. Require that your managers conduct regular formal or informal 1:1s or check-ins with each of their team members to provide them with constructive feedback on their performance. And, encourage mentorship to employees that want to further their career as well as to those who may need help finding success in their current roles. 


Tip #4

Ensure that compensation is fair


Money is of course a main driver for most employees. While company culture and benefits play a role, it often comes down to earrings.


Ensure that you are conducting regular evaluations of pay scales for employees across your business. To be competitive and keep your top talent, you will need to pay at or above the industry standards.


Tip #5
Part amicably 


While you may be frustrated to see good employees walk out the door, being happy for them when they find a new opportunity better suited to their needs or professional aspirations should take precedent. 


This goes a long way to being seen positively from an employer brand perspective and helps with word-of-mouth across your industry. Plus, sometimes employees decide to return to their former employer once they experience a different work environment — so if they’ve left on good terms and you’d wished they’d stayed, it’s nice to have the option to welcome them back onboard.


For more tips on how to build and retain top-performing teams, contact us at The West Egg Group.

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Best practices in workforce management

Best practices in workforce management

Workforce management has become more than simply staffing and scheduling. It’s an integrated system of functions used across industries to track time, optimize staffing and scheduling, anticipate and manage future staffing requirements based on fluctuations to the business, empower employee autonomy, ensure business compliance, and keep employees engaged. 

To orchestrate all of these functions effectively, you need a set of best practices and a team skilled in delivering systematic and successful workforce management solutions, such as The West Egg Group of companies.

Here are 5 best practices to keep in mind when tackling workforce management issues:

  1. Build a solid team
    Many of the best workforce managers and their teams have experience in call centers, healthcare, or retail where high volumes of staff are required to deliver products or services. Look for individuals who are organized, analytical, and able to readily problem solve in new and challenging situations.

    Rather than hiring an entire internal team to manage this area of the business, many organizations look for a professional workforce management provider to expertly manage all of their operational requirements.

2. Provide education and training
Training should be specialized based on the employee’s function and it should be delivered in multiple formats to allow for different learning styles. It should also be ongoing so that employees stay up-to-date on changes to processes and procedures and learn new skills.

3. Set. Measure. Report.
Your workforce management solution should include the intake and dissemination of data that can help you identify areas of opportunity to improve operationally. Systems that offer automated reporting are best, as they eliminate human error and reduce the time

spent on administrative tasks. And, be sure to share the information across your teams and analyze it together to better understand how changes may affect each area of the business.

4. Enable and empower employees
In addition to providing employees with time-clock and absentee management functions, advanced workforce management solutions should also provide them with mobile access to view and swap shifts, and make requests to their manager.

For the employer, your system should forecast staffing needs and help managers work with the data to find suitable solutions quickly.


5. Integrate with your existing systems
Ensuring that your workforce management system integrates with your other everyday systems is of great importance and practicality. Integrating with systems like payroll, human resources, and finance allows business owners to keep tabs on all of their data in one safe and secure spot.

Workforce management is a big job. To learn the benefits of outsourcing your workforce solutions to an expert able to adapt to your customized needs, contact us at The West Egg Group.

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