hiring tips to reduce turnover

Finding, attracting, interviewing, and onboarding new hires is time consuming and costly. Finding the right fit between employee and employer is important to ensuring that an organization’s turnover is reduced significantly. 

At The West Egg Group of companies, we specialize in workforce management and take great care in our onboarding process. Here are a few tips we’ve learned along the way to help your organization hire, retain, and nurture top talent. 

How to build a team that fits your business and sticks around: 

  1. Hire the right skill set
    Ensure that you thoroughly check and scrutinize credentials to ensure that the employee has the skill set that their resume says they do. In some instances, it’s appropriate to request candidates to complete an assessment or sample assignment to demonstrate their abilities.


  2. Look for a culture fit
    You want your new hires to fit in with your existing team members. This doesn’t mean that everyone has to be carbon copies of one another, but you should be on the lookout for like-mindedness when it comes to the values and behaviours that your company embodies and expects your employees to exude.

  3. Offer competitive pay
    A sure way to attract top talent, and to keep them, is to compensate them fairly for the work they do. Be sure to keep up with industry trends with respect to annual salaries or hourly wages and to offer financial incentives and raises when appropriate.

4. Communicate company perks/benefits
If you offer medical benefits, vacation pay, or other perks outside of compensation, communicate them upfront during the recruitment process. Be sure to quantify the benefits whenever possible to highlight their value.

5. Keep the positive feedback flowing
Employees want to know that their contributions matter. Be sure to share positive feedback (and constructive, when necessary) to help them feel known, appreciated, and to encourage their professional growth.

6. Map out their career path
Great employees are on the hunt for opportunities that lead to bigger things. No matter what role you’re hiring for, be sure to start the conversation around career growth with applicants so they know that you’re invested in their success and professional development.

7. Be flexible
Especially now, job seekers are looking for flexibility at work. For some, this means working flex hours to accommodate for family obligations or perhaps accommodations to attend personal appointments at times. Do your best to balance personal requests with business priorities and keep the lines of communication open with your new hires to avoid hiccups like scheduling issues. 

With these simple tips in-mind, you’ll be able to find the right fits for your organization and hire more confidently. 

For organizations that require workforce management support, we’re here for you. Contact us to discuss your unique hiring and workforce needs.

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