How to be a better manager

People don’t leave companies, they leave managers. It’s more than just a saying, it’s a fact. People leave companies all the time due to poor management, a lack of leadership, or bad relations with their boss.  

While that tends to paint people leaders in a bad light, most managers strive to be good leaders who inspire and unite their teams to help the organization thrive. 

Before we outline the to-dos that make a great manager, it’s important to pause to acknowledge what doesn’t work:

  • Playing favourites
  • Losing your temper or being emotionally unpredictable 
  • Harshly criticizing team members in front of their peers
  • Sarcasm or degrading comments
  • Pressure to work long hours

Those are just a few of the toxic practices of bad bosses. Now, here are some tips for managers who truly want to do better in order to motivate their teams:

Let the team know your style of management, expectations, your intentions, what they can expect from you, and so on. Setting the stage and providing a consistent experience will help your subordinates understand how to interact with you.

State goals and objectives
Outline what the team is working towards and your plan to help them reach the stated goals. With a collective North Star to work towards, everyone on the team will know what direction they’re going and will understand the importance of their contributions. 

Be honest and reliable
Have a strong sense of conviction. If you say you’re going to do something, be sure to follow through. Your team needs to see you walk the talk and will value open and honest updates and feedback on their work. 

Hold yourself to a high standard
Piggy-backing off walking the talk, it’s important to not only uphold your work ethic, attitudes, and behaviours to the same standard that you demand of your team — you should be exceeding them. And this doesn’t mean working longer hours just for the sake of it. It’s about showing up and consistently delivering against your expectations.  

Recognize and reward
Don’t be shy to hand out praise for a job well done. People appreciate being recognized and it’s proven to drive greater engagement and job performance. Beyond saying ‘thank you’, consider implementing incentives or a rewards program to more formally thank your team members for the good work that they do.

Be constructive, but be positive
To continue to improve, employees need feedback on their performance and output. As their manager, it’s your responsibility to provide critique of the work, but be sure to be unbiased and fair. And, mention what was done well. We all respond better to constructive criticism when we understand what elements were well done and which could use a bit more focus. 

As a people leader, it’s important to do your best to create a work environment that fosters positive results — and that begins with your management style. Try implementing these tips to see the transformation among your team. 

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