How to have more fun at work

All work and no play — that’s no fun. 


While we agree that work is serious and doing a good job is important, we believe that doesn’t mean that it has to be void of fun. 


Fun means different things to different people. Choosing a job you enjoy is part of the equation to finding fun in the everyday at work. That said, every job has its high and low points and most aren’t fun all of the time.


Here are a few unexpected ways to have fun at work, regardless of what you do:


Dress for happiness
What you choose to wear affects your mood. Choose clothes that make you feel confident, upbeat, and positive. For many people, this means choosing bright colours and patterns. Do what works for you and try mixing it up and take note of your change in mood.


Share in each other’s successes
Publicly recognizing teammates for a job well done creates a more light-hearted and supportive environment that makes being at work more fun. Outside of recognizing professional achievements, celebrating milestones like work anniversaries or birthdays is another great way to bolster happiness around the office.


Host team-building events
Bringing people together for non-work-related activities is a great way to break up the routine, help coworkers get to know each other better, and to de-stress. It’s also a great way to build a better corporate culture, something that directly impacts your business’ bottom line.


For a few ideas on what to try, check out our blog ‘3 fun virtual team-building activities for your workforce.’

Don’t skip lunch and don’t eat alone
While many of us are still working remotely, some workforces are in-office or on-site. When safe to do so, it’s encouraged to get away from your desk, workstation, or work area for your lunch break and to share in some social time with coworkers while you eat. It’s a good way to bond, talk about non-work related topics, and to have a laugh. 

Working from home? In place of the lunchroom, consider meeting a coworker online to have lunch or a coffee and chat about things outside of work. 


Share jokes and funny stories
Laughter is a great stress reliever and way to feel like you’re having more fun. If you have a team chat, consider sharing funny stories, pictures, or memes. Just be mindful that they must be office-appropriate in their content and subject matter. 


Another way to inject more laughter in your day is to open meetings with a joke or commercial share of something that you saw or read recently. It makes it easier for everyone to relate to one another and allows space to be silly and let loose before getting down to business.


Try these tips in your workplace to add a little more fun into your Monday-to-Friday!

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