How will automation impact workforces of the future?

Technology has in so many ways made our lives easier. From household appliances, to smartphones, to advancements in medical technology, innovation saves time and saves lives. 


But what about jobs? 


While we’ve already seen automation in some areas of our everyday lives such as assembly lines, ATM machines, and self-check-out counters, most jobs still require a person to do the thinking and execute the work. 


More recently, self-driving cars have hit the roads and bots are now creating digital content in ways never seen before. It’s reasonable that people have concerns over the possible impacts to workforces, incomes, and employability. 


What is labour automation?

Labor automation is the practice of substituting technology for human labour to perform specific tasks or jobs. Automation involves mechanization but also expands it by using technology to further remove people from tasks.


Artificial intelligence disruption

AI has begun to operate in areas many of us hadn’t anticipated would be impacted. In the coming years, some jobs may be supplemented with bots and potentially replaced, such as:

  • Telemarketing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Compensation and benefits managers
  • Receptionists
  • Couriers
  • Proofreaders
  • Computer support specialists
  • Market research analysts
  • Advertising sales
  • Retail sales

The Government of Canada shared the results of their research study into Automation and Job Transformation. It outlines the types of roles that are potentially at risk and the individuals who may be impacted in the future.

The West Egg Group Differentiator

While there are many things that a bot can do faster, technology cannot deliver the human element that is intrinsic in so many jobs, especially those done by the teams at The West Egg Group of companies. It’s this x-factor that has made us, and our clients, successful. 


As specialists in both workforce management and a superior guest and visitor experience, our teams are trained to deliver a unique experience that goes above and beyond the tactical functions of the job. 


Our clients come to us again and again because we understand their business, react to their evolving needs, and find ways to incorporate innovative new technologies into our services in a way that doesn’t sacrifice the personalization of the experience.   


To understand the value of The West Egg Group’s workforce solutions and their positive impacts to your business, contact us.

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