Turn-key valet automation technology

Accessible, affordable, Parkenda is valet for all. 

First developed in 2017, this proprietary valet automation application is a disruptive technology in the valet industry, offering turn-key valet automation software for traditional valet operational sites and a consumer-facing application that delivers Toronto’s first valet-on-demand experience. 

The Parkenda app affords guests the opportunity to request valet in localized, parking-congested areas, allowing them to arrive at their destination on-time and without the hassle or stress of parking. The app provides a simple, ticketless interface through which to pay, tip, track, and rate their valet driver — plus redeem promo codes and earn loyalty points toward discounted services and deals from our partners. 

Specializing in:

  • B2B valet technology (SaaS) 
  • Customer-facing automated valet application
  • Revolutionizing the valet experience for all