The opportunities that workforce challenges create

More than ever before, work is different. Since the onset of the pandemic, each of us has experienced some degree of change to the way we work, and for many of us, where we work is also drastically different. 


Despite the fact that most of us are no longer working in cubicles or open-concept office spaces, we can still be productive — something that many organizations would have debated pre-pandemic. But that isn’t the only surprise that the past 12 months have brought us. Here are 3 unique opportunities that this adversity has afforded us:


  1. Remote work is here to stay (in some capacity)
    It will take some time for the vaccine to be widely available and to become effective in stopping the spread of COVID-19. In the meantime, employers will continue to accommodate remote workforces and adjust to the evolving needs of their employees.

    Beyond the pandemic, employees are expected to continue to opt for either remote or hybrid work. Employers can leverage this opportunity to save on office space, overhead expenses, transportation allowances, and more.

  2. Continues investment in employee’s well-being

    The stress of the past year prompted many employers to adopt or expand mental health resources for their employees.

    Investing in employee well-being helps them to be more productive and engaged while at work, but most importantly, it helps them to be happier in both their personal and professional lives.

  3. A greater focus on DE&I

    In 2020, diversity, equality, and inclusion become important topics and discussions between employers and their people. Many organizations have used this conversation as an opportunity to make a commitment to creating barrier-free workplaces — ones that welcome, celebrate, and strive for better quality within their workforce, including at a senior level.


These commitments can also extend beyond the workforce, as some organizations are re-examining their business practices to ensure that their customers and clients have a more inclusive experience when interacting with the brand’s product or service.

While a difficult year brought with it many significant challenges, it has also presented organizations and their people with unique opportunities to evolve the way we work together, while staying apart.


If your organization needs help navigating the new normal of work, contact The West Egg Group, leaders in workforce management solutions. 

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