The power of transparency on workforce management

Building a company culture that promotes transparency empowers employees and people leaders to work better together.


It begins with trust
Trust creates a foundation for a more positive working relationship — one that can help employees and their leaders weather difficult times or overcome obstacles. 


It’s reinforced by repetition 

Built over time and with consistent action and support, trust — and the more positive working relationship that it produces — creates an environment where employees feel supported, engagened, and empowered. Subsequently, managers feel more aligned with their teams and better able to communicate and manage change, or navigate challenges.


It starts at the top

Behaviours and attitudes that are seen, are repeated. It’s upper management that sets the tone for the company culture and establishes the attributes that the organization values. This mindset trickles down to other people leaders within the organization, and eventually, reach frontline staff — influencing their attitudes toward work as well as their behaviour. 

The trend of transparency

This approach to workforce management has become more popular in recent years with organizations investing time and money into ensuring that they stay in-tune with their employee voice and in turn, that their employees feel heard.

They do this because they know that greater alignment means a happier, and more productive, workforce. Something that’s good for both the employee and the business.


How to work towards a more transparent workplace

  • Communicate with your employees often and be open and honest. No matter if the news is good or bad, it’s always best to lead with the truth.

  • Give your employees an outlet for feedback. This will help them to share their opinions, report on what they’re seeing on the frontlines, and identify areas of opportunity for the organization.
  • Act on feedback as soon as it’s received. If your employees take the time to tell you how they feel and action is required to address a situation, take it right away. The absence of action will be detrimental to the trust you’ve worked so hard to establish.

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