Security services aren’t just for homes and residential properties. A range of security services are frequently used in and around commercial spaces to protect businesses, employees, and customers. 

Wondering about the differences and just what commercial security services include? Here’s an overview:

The basics of commercial security services 

Commercial security services are more complex and typically offer greater, and more comprehensive protection compared to residential security services. There are a few reasons for this. Commercial security services often:

  • Cover a larger space (indoor and/or outdoor)
  • Have evolving needs and require a greater range of specialty services
  • Are responsible for a greater number of people (both on-site employees and transient visitors)

Whether a business is large or small, there is often a need for services such as:

  • Video surveillance 
  • On-site uniformed security personnel 
  • Security patrol
  • Emergency response

Benefits of commercial security services

Many businesses need help with loss prevention, crowd management, and site safety. Other reasons and benefits for engaging a professional security services provider include:

  1. Responding to emergency situations
    Whether tips off by security surveillance, tripped alarms, or calls from on-site employees and customers, having an individual on site who is professionally trained to respond to a variety of situations is critical for a swift, successful, and safe resolution.

  2. Protection against intruders
    The presence of uniformed security personnel is shown to deter intruders and aid in loss prevention.

  3. Unique security needs
    Many businesses have security services that are unique to their site(s), products, and people. Engaging a trustworthy and tenured security team is critical for ensuring safe and smooth business operations and offer greater peace of mind. 

More reasons to hire professional commercial security services. 

The West Egg Group approach

At The West Egg Group Security Services, we take a comprehensive approach to commercial security services, offering customized solutions tailored to the individual site(s) as well as the needs and business objectives of our clients — all while considering the guest experience.

Our services include:

  • Commercial, corporate, and mobile security services
  • Uniformed security personnel
  • Concierge services
  • Security patrol
  • Gatehouse operations
  • Mobile patrol units
  • Parking enforcement
  • Emergency response 
  • Personal escorts
  • Bespoke ad hoc services

 As part of The West Egg Group of companies, our security personnel are highly trained in their field, ensuring that our clients, their customers and guests receive the highest level of service excellence in the industry.

Talk to us about what The West Egg Group Security Services can do for your commercial business.

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