When conflict in the workplace can be a good thing

If the thought of conflict in the workplace makes you cringe, here’s a fresh perspective for your consideration.


Organizations today are heavily focused on employee engagement, recognition and rewards, and so on. Somehow, the establishment of these company culture norms has also created a conflict-avoidant culture within many organizations. But what if a healthy dose of conflict could actually strengthen employee engagement? 


By avoiding conflict, some organizations inadvertently create a culture without communication which has cascading effects: 


  • Without discussion, prioritization and delegation become unmanageable and workloads can become overwhelming

  • Underperformance goes unchecked, causing some employees to pick up the slack, resulting in added stress, reduced productivity, and burnout

  • Employees do not feel free to express their displeasure or frustration, causing siloed work that is less inclusive and diverse


Tips to manage healthy conflict (and resolution):

  • Encourage open and honest communication
  • Lead by example — people leaders should engage in frequent open and honest dialogue with their teams and encourage their direct reports to do the same

  • Listen, and act — employees will be more likely to share information about their experience if they feel heard and see change

Conflict in the workplace may be inevitable but it doesn’t have to be something to dread. Think of it as opportunity for the organization’s growth and development, and the chance to improve the employee experience.

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