Workforce management: Small actions and big wins

As a people leader, you may feel as though you have big shoes to fill. Your team looks to you for answers, direction, encouragement, and for big ideas to inspire and engage them. At the same time, the senior leadership team looks to you for big results. While at times this may make you feel larger than life, it’s also a lot of weight for any one person to carry. 

What if you looked at leadership a little differently? If you break it down, leadership is what you do each day — the culmination of the micro and macro moments and actions you take. So when you approach leadership from this point of view, it becomes much more manageable and far less daunting.

These are the kinds of small actions that add up to big wins:

Offering encouragement 

When you see an employee doing great work, you pause to recognize and celebrate it. 

Providing teachable moments
When you see an employee struggling with a task, you seek to understand how you can help. Not to do the task for them, but to teach them the skill set they need to be successful and self-sufficient. 

Reinforce desired behaviors and attributes
Openly rewarding individuals who embody company values and exhibit positive behaviors that align with the organization’s values to reinforce these behaviors.

Showcasing understanding
At the end of the day, we’re all human. Mistakes will happen and people will have off days. How you handle them is what matters. Set a good example but lead with understanding and the approach of ‘how can I help?’ to show your team that you’re there for them.

Go to bat for your team
In instances where your team needs you to advocate for them, whether it’s to other departments or the senior leadership team, be sure that you’re on their

team and have their backs. When employees feel that they can trust you, they’ll do the same for you.

Big wins
The effort you make each day is what drives your team to want to do their best. When you celebrate the achievements and milestones along the way together, you can all share in the pride of achieving the big wins — the goals and objectives that each of you has been working towards.

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